Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spring Rolls

One more day of work this week and I’m off to my surprise birthday that John has put together for me!! I am so excited and nervous all at the same time, while I do love to be surprised I am also a bit of a control freak so not knowing anything drives me nuts! Today John had to travel to DC for work today which means he won’t be getting home until a little later. Which means I have to have a snack to tie me over until we eat dinner but, I think I snacked a little too much because I’m not very hungry? Opps!

For dinner I decided to make spring rolls again because I have so many left over wrappers. Spring rolls are one of those things were you can pretty much put anything in them so I decided to try a “warm” spring rolls instead of raw ingredients like I did last time. This is the same filling I used when I made the Thai lettuce wraps. Here is what I used:
·      chicken thighs cut into small slivers
·      bell peppers
·      green onions
·      cabbage
·      shallots
·      carrots
·      garlic
·      low sodium soy sauce
·      spicy chili paste

1.     Cook the chicken in the wok until almost cooked through.
2.     Then added in all the veggies, soy sauce and garlic paste and cooked until the veggies are tender but still crispy.
3.     Place the filling in the center of your wrapper and fold in half, fold up the edges and then roll the wrapper the rest of the way

sliced chicken

cut up veggies

all added to the wok
I then attempted to roll the filling in to each of the wrappers; this seemed to prove a lot more difficult and sticky then I remembered. Last time I rolled these I rolled them like a burrito but this time I tried the “correct way” which is folding them in half then folding in the sides and then rolling them up.
I thought the filling was really good but maybe not for the rice wrappers? John however, seemed to like them so I guess it was still a win or he was just being nice.  :)


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