Welcome to The Last Meal of the Day!
I am a small town girl that has moved to a big city and discovered her love for food and cooking. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania there was not a ton of food choices. You had your standard pizza places, diners and family style Italian and chain restaurants. When I moved to Boston in March of 2007 I discovered a wealth of food flavors and choices I had never even knew existed.

I started this blog as an on-line cookbook for myself, in hopes finding recipes that I will have for years to come.

About Me:
 In 2007 I finally landed a job after a year and a half of searching, the only problem was that it was in Boston 400 miles away from everything I knew. Even though it was far away I was excited to start this new part of my life. Moving to Boston I made a few good friends who started me on my food journey. I had Thai food, authentic Mexican, French food for the first time. The grocery stores carried things in Boston I have never even heard of that are now a common items I use all the time chia seeds, parsnips, kale just to name a few.

Then when I met my fiance, he's a foodie as well and has made me try things I though I would never try such as cow tongue. This is what lead me to create this blog as a way of creating recipes at home, trying new cooking techniques and still learning how to improve on my cooking skills.

Thank you visiting my blog I hope I inspire you to get in the kitchen and try new things and along the way give you a good laugh!!