Sunday, June 19, 2011

Short Ribs & Pasta

I only have one word to describe tonight's dinner AMAZING! I must toot my own horn on this one, this by far is the best dinner I have EVER made. I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman's website (which I will included on my recipe page). It did take 2 days to make this but the results were way worth it the ribs fell off the bone you didn't even need a knife to eat them; the tomato sauce had a little bit of a spice to it but nothing to crazy. I highly recommend you give these a shot!

For dessert I made confetti cookies bars which were not very healthy (but everything in moderation) but were delicious. They had m&m's, chocolate chips and pretzels in them, they were a perfect ending to a great meal.

Training update: I ran 7 miles Sat morning, it was great to get back into it again but my knees were giving me a bit of trouble. I am hoping it's due to being out of shape and not me getting old.  :)

I am also hoping to improve on my picture taking, I am currently struggling with my camera and being able to take up close no fuzzy yellow pictures.


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