Monday, June 27, 2011

John & Caroline's wedding

Saturday night we John and I were invited to John's friends wedding in Salem. We carpooled with Steven and Hillary they were so nice to give us a ride! They picked us up an hour before the wedding we were thinking the ceremony was also in Salem where the reception was held. To our surprise it was only a 10 minute drive from our apartment's. Needless to say we arrived 45 minutes early at the church so Hillary and I decided to get pedicures while the boys headed next door for a drink. :)

Once at the wedding the church was beautiful and the bride and groom looked amazing! After the ceremony we hopped in the car and drove to Salem for the reception it was beautiful! They had cute little lanterns for the name tags, and each of the tables were named after a towns in MA complete with old pictures of the towns.

The first course was a lobster bisque which came in these cup little cups and it was delicious, I had huge chunks of lobster in mine, and since John doesn't like seafood I was lucky to get to eat his. Next was a garden salad with I am assuming what was the house dressing. It was your typical salad with lettuce, tomato, carrots, goat cheese and nuts. (Both of which I forgot to take a picture of :( )
Next we were served sherbet to cleanse our palates, we were all trying to decided what flavor it was, the best we could guess was pink lemonade?   

The main course was a choice between chicken and pork with a side of veggies and either rice or squash. John and I each choose a different dish to share so we could both enjoy both dishes. They were both really good, but I think the pork was better, it had a sweet fruity glaze on top. 

Last but not least, always the best part of any meal was dessert! The wedding cake was amazing it was orange flavored with a vanilla ice cream ball that had the same sherbet in the middle.

After eating there was dancing long into the evening, everyone had a great time! Thank you again to Hillary and Steven for driving us!


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