Monday, May 21, 2012

Chicken fried rice

First of all I can't believe I have never made fried rice before it is sooo easy! The reason I made it tonight is  John has a plane to Tampa to catch at 8:48pm tonight (he's going to a conference for work). There's only enough time for him to come home from work and eat a quick bite before heading to the airport. Since I was late coming home from work I had to throw something together quick.
  •  I started with egg whites and cooked them in the wok and removed them to a small plate once done.
  • Then I cut up some chicken thighs into small pieces and sauteed them in our wok. 

  • Once the chicken was cooked I removed it to a plate
  • Add 2t of sesame oil then the veggies  I used carrots, mushrooms (cut up small so I didn't see them in there), scallions, peas and bean sprouts. 

  • Cooked until tender. 
  • Then added in the rice, egg whites, cooked chicken and 1/4 cup of low sodium soy sauce.

Dinner was served!

This week is a crazy busy week I am sure meals will not be anything special. Especially since John is away and I have to
make the menu for our annual NH Lake house memorial day weekend (I'll explain later)
prep some of the food for the lake house
pack and shop for our trip to Europe!!!!


Deb said...

Looks yummy you are a busy girl.. hey congrats on your race...Miss you guys love deb

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