Monday, August 29, 2011

Taco casserole

This week is a busy week, I have 2 birthdays and John is will be away for end of the week at a golfing tournament. I had some left over hamburger from the American chop suey that I made on Saturday so I decided to make a Mexican dish to use it up.
Instead of going with the typical tacos I thought maybe a taco in the form of a casserole would be a good change, quick and easy! I used everything that would go into taco's and layer them in a casserole pan. A layer of chips, salsa mixed with cheese, black beans, hamburger with taco seasoning topped with green onions and black olives. I baked it for 20 mins to heat through and topped with chopped tomatoes.

before cooking

different layers

It doesn't look to appealing but it tasted pretty darn good,  John ended up going back for seconds. For dessert we had vanilla pudding. I had a pack in the cabinet that I bought for another recipe a while back and it sounded like a good way to end the meal. :)


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