Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baja pork

Yet another day of waiting out Irene John and I decided to stay in again (translation-John playing video games most of the day and me becoming stir crazy). The morning went by fast after a nap on the couch :) but by the time lunch rolled around I was becoming board. Now there was a number of things I could have been doing cleaning, laundry but none of those things sounded appealing. So I decided to bake instead I thought I try my hand at making homemade granola bars. I found a basic recipe online to which you can add any mix-ins you want. I decided on walnuts, peanut butter and dried cherries and cranberries. I taste tested the batter before putting it in the oven to bake and it was way to sweet! I put them in a pan and to bake hoping that the sweetness would dissipate a little. When they were finished John cut them into bars and I wrapped them individually and of course we had tried one. To my surprise they weren't nearly as sweet as what the uncooked batter was, and the walnuts and dried fruit was a good combination. Next time I might try some chocolate chips and peanut butter. Mmmmm

For dinner we decided to make Baja pork (click on for recipe) which we found in the cooking light magazine. John wanted to help so I said I would chop everything up and he can make dinner. I was a little hesitant because when John wants to help it usually leads to looking like a bomb went off in the kitchen. I chopped up the peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, cilantro and jalapeno. I then retreated to the living room so John could cook. I only braved the kitchen to take pictures, which was nice to actually have time to do and not worry about burning dinner.

The recipe suggested that you put the stir fry over rice or noodles, I have been meaning to give these Thai noodles a shot I had them once before from a food truck and absolutely loved them! They are really easy to make just boil some water then take the water off the burner and soak noodles for 8 mins until done. The noodles were delicious however I was not thinking and the dish wasn't really Asian flavored so the noodles didn't go very well with the dish. opps! They did taste good though and it wasn't a horrible combination but rice would have been better.

John cooking

The dish was pretty good I think this one is a keeper! although with rice next time ;)


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