Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Today we spent getting ready for the work week grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning and packing for John. He is leaving for the week to go to DC for work so I will be on my own for dinner this week. I am trying something new this week so you'll have to stay tuned... 
On Sunday evenings I usually cook a big Sunday dinner for John and I, tonight I decided on Cajun chicken and pasta another recipe from Pioneer Women we tend to love her recipes but I usually try and alter them a little for healthiness.

I started by seasoning chicken thighs with the cajun seasoning and cooking each side, once done I removed them from the pan and added the peppers, onions, garlic then the last 30 seconds chopped tomatoes.

Then I removed the veggies and added white wine and chicken broth to the pan simmered and deglazed for a few minutes then added the chicken and veggies back in. 

I cooked the pasta in a separate dish, drained it and added it in the skillet with the veggies and chicken. 

After cooking to combined all the flavors then voila! it is ready to serve and enjoy! 

The rest of the evening I am going to finish making breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. This weeks meals with take a lot of pre-planning and creativity, I can't say more then that or I'll give it way.  :)


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