Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bourbon Pork Tenderloin

A while back I had to buy a bottle of bourbon to make an amazing vanilla reduction sauce. John nor I drink bourbon so I need to figure out how to use some of it up. As I was looking through recipes I came across bourbon brown sugar tenderloin, SOLD! It sounded pretty good so I made the marinate last night and marinated the tenderloin overnight. Turns out bourbon soaked tenderloin isn’t the way to go there was a create a strange flavor that neither John or I could explain. 

As sides I made spinach and cheese noodles (that John had picked out on one of his shopping trips). They have been in our cabinet for a while they didn’t look very appetizing but since I hate to throw food out they were made. A salad and John’s homemade olive and blue cheese bread were also served. Which I must say were the best part of the meal. :)

Oh Well! Every meal can’t be spectacular, I guess I‘ll just to have this later this evening.  ;)


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