Sunday, September 16, 2012

Football is back

Football season has started again which means football food. I usually try and healthify the dishes but this time I did not. (shame on me I know) Nothing says football like wings, so that's what I made!

I usually bake them in the oven but this time I tried the frying route. Started with heating the oil to 350 using my dutch oven.

Rinsed and dried the wings.

Then dropped them in batches into the hot oil.

Waited for them to rise to the top and then out they came back on the cookie sheet to cool.

We went with 2 flavors regular buffalo and Parmesan garlic. I poured the wing sauce into containers and then added the wings and shook. = best method ever!

As you can see most of them were buffalo flavor.
The complete spread:

We also had corn on the cob and of course you can't have wings without celery and carrots.


Tim said...

Awwww, i miss football sundays :(

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